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Hudsons Hatchery



Dream Catchers

Chicken Aprons
People Aprons


Custom Dream Catchers.
Send me your blown out "first" egg. Or feathers from your chickens or any other feathered friend.
Send me a picture of a lost loved one.
You Name it, I'll make it.

Prices may vary by requests...
2 in. $6.00...3 in. $7.50...5 in. $11.00...7 in. $15.00

I can use a few different materials to wrap the ring in...
Leather/Suede (Black, Tan or Brown)
Twine (most traditional)
Yarn (color of your choice)
Please specify when ordering as the prices will vary

White Sultan feathers
and  "first" egg

In Loving Memory
Of Lacy (Beloved Hen)

For a very special
little girl.
The Manly Version

Rearview Mirror Size

Four Generations


                   Copper bottom                   Dakota Blue                           For Judy


                        For Kendra              Christmas Ornaments               Pretty in Pink

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